Postdoctoral positions are available in our lab to study macromolecular translocation through mucus. Mucus is an important biogel-based permeability filter that lines many epithelial surfaces in our bodies. Its permeability properties have critical roles in health and disease, yet, the basic science underlying its organization and function is poorly understood. Our lab intends to establish experimental methods to measure the selectivity properties of mucus, and formulate a theoretical framework that captures general principles governing selectivity in biological filters made from mucus. Our work is carried out in synergy with virus experts, polymer scientists, and theorists.
Enthusiastic and creative researchers with an interest in studying mucus-based biofilters in a highly interdisciplinary research environment are encouraged to contact us. The optimal candidate has completed a PhD in biochemistry or cell biology, and has basic knowledge in live microscopy.

Please send a letter of intent and a CV, and arrange to have three letters of reference sent to

Katharina Ribbeck
Department of Biological Engineering
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